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DRAGONSPIRE Campaign Setting

For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

“A mix of blood soaked ultra-violence, pulp sword and sorcery, and dark dystopian high fantasy…”


A malevolent corruption spreads like a disease across the world consuming everything in it’s path. From the dark bowers of the deepest forests, from the blackened heart of the tallest mountain, from the rotting innards of the most vile city, it grows and expands. A simmering malice composed of hatred, greed, perversion, and evil roils and stirs like some foul tempest, it’s toothy tusk filled maw frothing and snapping… It is only a matter of time before the darkness boils over once more to shroud this world in perpetual night… Their time is coming once more…


A world awaits…

The world of Faerodune is a dark and hopeless purgatory where heroes no longer tread. The eons of war, famine, death, and suffering has left civilization almost defeated. This era has allowed great empires to rise giving almighty power to a single person who can, with the swipe of a quill, bring down armies of thousands supported by the greatest mages and monster cavalry gold can buy. These kings, queens, emperors, and lords have destroyed the common hero. They have used their gold to buy their futures and their victories leaving those that hold the actual swords nameless.


Now, in the 7th Era the wars are won by kings, monsters slain by rich nobles, evil abolished by lavishly dressed lords with bulging treasuries with no mention or even minute due paid to the brave person who held the weapon that actually brought down the monster, the army, or the vile overlord… No mention at all…
Nowadays there are only a few true adventuring companies left in the world that are members of the Confederated Alliance of Adventurers (or Adventurer’s Guild). Their ranks are bolstered by spoiled over-privelaged squires, ex-soldiers, and Arcane Academy Grads barely able to cast a cantrip. It seems most the great heroes and champions of this generation are gone. By-products of the Imperial Era’s mass-lethargy, propagation, conditioning, and technology. Evil is still there, even more now than in a long while. The common-folk mostly dont hear about it anymore safe within the confines of civilization or behind the Imperial Army’s Pikes. But those days are coming to a close as the Empire’s grow more corrupted, their infrastructure’s rotting from the inside, as the tides of evil and darkness swell beyond the confinement of the shadowy wilds, Under-Helm, and Ruins of old… Not long now folks will be forced to face, once again, their own mortality without the help of a noble lord’s sprawling army… Then… Then they will beg for a brave soul to save them…

A true champion…




Dragonspire is a homebrew campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules set. This setting introduces a plethora of new character options including new backgrounds, Races, Class archetypes, and equipment.
There are also several rules changes and variants including a Masterwork weapons and armor sytem featuring a specialized Masterwork Materials mechanic, There is an Action Points system in place to reward indiviual accomplishment so all PC’s can level up together, there are also a TON of new equipment properties,, plus many other changes which i feel will help make this campaign much more immersive and enjoyable.

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